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I work with porcelain, thrown on the wheel. Pieces are decorated using black or cobalt blue slips and scratching the designs through the slip to reveal the clay beneath. These are glazed with a clear or slightly opaque white glaze.  Recently I've also been using ceramic crayons to draw lines which give a lovely texture on the clay. I've also been using underglaze stains to extend the colour range.
Designs are evolving all the time and new last year were French butter keepers. These came from a conversation with a visitor to CAOS. The butter keepers prevent butter from going rancid but can be kept out of the fridge, so butter is always easily spreadable. Last year they proved very popular and I sold out very quickly, My range of tableware for entertaining includes bowls for tapas, pasta, nuts and crisps, varying sizes of dipping bowls for bread and oil, prawns & dipping sauces or vegetable crudites. I also produce olive bowl sets which include a smaller bowl for olive stones.
All dishes are dishwasher and oven proof.


Porcelain Tea lights

These tea lights are a favourite of mine - they are translucent when lit so that the varying designs shine through.


I often make my own stamps and use these for a variety of designs, fish, flowers and also for celebrations - birthdays, weddings, christenings, births and Christmas.

When lit they produce a lovely intimate atmosphere for entertaining.

I have a variety of tea lights in stock and am happy to undertake commissions.  However due to the lengthy production process of these items, a minimum of 4 weeks should be allowed. The designs are so varied I can't include all on the website, so email me and I can send pics of the latest designs, particularly those for Christmas.




Reduction fired vases & moon  jars


New this year are a range of Moon jars and vases fired in reduction using tenmoku, chun and shino glazes. and oxides

deco vase_edited.jpg
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