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About Carrie the Potter

Also known as  Caroline Warwick, my passion for pottery started over 25 years ago when I started evening classes at the local adult education college in Sutton.  I went on to gain a BTEC Diploma in Ceramics in 2009 after two years of part-time study. 

This was when I started to develop my own style. I was particularly inspired by the Korean Punch'ong ware from the 15th century and started to explore the use of stamps in design and making, as well as the use of coloured clay slips and scraffito (scratching designs through the slip).

I believe the pieces I produce should be functional and the feel of a pot in the hand and in use is very important to me. My husband and I love to entertain friends at home and my range of snacking dishes has been developed to meet this need. My pieces get well tested in use before I produce them for sale. 

I have acquired countless pots over the years from other makers that give me endless pleasure and I hope that my pots may please others in turn.

I am a member of the London Potters and the Craft Potters Association and work from my studio at home in Carshalton.


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